Welcome to Memphis is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit subsidiary of the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau. It was previously known as the Memphis Tourism Education Foundation.

Founded in 2002, the Memphis Tourism Education Foundation (MTEF) focused its efforts primarily on educational efforts related to workforce development and destination knowledge. Its historical initiatives and programs include the award-winning documentary I Am A Man, which followed the story of a sanitation worker who participated in the 1968 strike that brought Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Memphis.

In early 2015, an industry-wide strategic planning process called Tourism 20/20 encouraged the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau to renew its nonprofit subsidiary’s commitment to more traditional workforce and economic development efforts. In July 2015, MTEF recruited a new board of directors, changed its name to “Welcome to Memphis” and adopted a new mission and vision for the organization. In March 2016, its new strategic plan was adopted, which led to its current training and recognition programs.

The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau is a 501(c)(6) membership organization that works to bring visitors to Memphis. Its 501(c)(3) affiliate, Welcome to Memphis, works to make sure the tourism and hospitality professionals who greet those visitors are equipped with customer service skills and destination knowledge to create a lasting positive impression.